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Bukit Timah
Community Action
Against Dengue



Updates on Dengue Situation in Eng Kong Cheng Soon & Toh Yi:

20th May, 2022

Residents living in Eng Kong Cheng Soon & Toh Yi estates have received

a letter highlighting the updates on the dengue situation in the neighbourhood.


A copy of the letter is also available for download here.

Overview of Affected Areas

Below are the locations of the recent cases in the Eng Kong Cheng Soon & Toh Yi Estates Cluster 

(Updated: 20th May 2022).

For latest information, please visit the NEA cluster information website here.

  1. The Creek @ Bukit condominium (13 Toh Tuck Rd, S596196)

  2. High Oak condominium (11 Toh Tuck Rd, S596290) 

  3. Toh Yi Drive HDB Blocks (Blk 1 - 20 Toh Yi Drive)

  4. Cheng Soon Crescent / Cheng Soon Gardens

  5. Kismis Ave

  6. Eng Kong Garden

Pic dengue.png

For more details, please visit the NEA cluster information website here.

Current Actions

Updated 20th May, 2022

Twice-weekly Thermal Fogging

  • Fogging frequency increased to twice weekly (Every Tues & Fri), starting 17th May 2022

  • Fogging boundary covers entire cluster including state land beside 18 Cheng Soon Garden, and coordinated with NParks, major construction sites & condominiums.

  • 28 handheld and 1 Vehicle Mounted fog machines, along with 29 officers deployed for the operations.


Cluster inspections at the following areas:

  • Premises inspection along Toh Yi Drive public housing estate (Blk 1 - 20), Nottinghill Suites, Kismis Court, Toh Yi Court, The Creek@Bukit, and Cheng Soon Garden properties.

  • Outdoor inspection along Eng Kong Drive, Eng Kong Garden, Cheng Soon Garden, and Kismis Avenue.

  • Mass Operations were carried out on the 12th and 13th May, 2022, within the cluster area involving 20 NEA officers and 3 pest control operators (PCOs). 2 breeding grounds were detected and eradicated.

Chemical Treatment of high risk areas

  • BTI and Actellic Misting were conducted at Eng Kong Drive, Eng Kong Garden, Cheng Soon Garden, Kismis Avenue  on 9 and 11 May 2022.

  • Aerosol treatment was performed on 150 premises in the cluster area.

  • Due to safety issues posed by accessing the backlane drain areas within the cluster (See Map below), fogging was instead done along the outside edges during thermal fogging exercises. 


Eng Kong Cheng Soon & Toh Yi Cluster


Have a comment or suggestion? We would very much like to hear from you.

Bukit Timah Constituency Office Hotline
(Mon - Fri, 10am - 6pm, except public holidays)

6466 2912


Ms Sim Ann,
MP & Grassroots Adviser to Bukit Timah GROs

Ms Annie Gan,
Chairperson, Eng Kong and Cheng Soon NC

Mr Derrick Tan,
Chairperson, Toh Yi RN


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