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BTCares Residents' Group-Buy for Masks & Face Shields Orders

$2.50 =


A Pack of 2 Masks

(Sizing details below)



A Pack of 2 Face-Shields

(Sizing details below)

Dear residents,

Over the past few weeks, some of you have told me that you are keen to buy more reusable masks, especially those sized for younger children, if they are affordably priced. This is so that your household will have spare masks at hand as more activities are gradually made possible again. Others have also asked me where they can buy face shields at affordable prices.

My team and I have taken your feedback to heart, and have been on an active lookout for suppliers that can offer attractive rates for these items.

We are now ready to organise a Bukit Timah Cares (BTCares) Residents’ Group Buy exercise for residents who are interested in face shields (in two sizes, for adults and for children up to about 6/7 years) and reusable masks (in four sizes, for adults and for children).

Informal group buys are common in many neighbourhood groups, but this is the first time we are organising this on a Divisional scale, to take advantage of bulk rates. The BTCares Residents’ Group Buy will be on a non-profit basis, with the efforts of collating orders, consolidating payment, breaking bulk and distribution undertaken by volunteers at no additional cost to participants. Please note that this group buy is for Bukit Timah Residents only.  

No resident will be denied reusable masks and face shields due to an inability to pay. Our BT200 team stands ready to support any resident in this situation. If you know of any neighbour who needs help, please get in touch with our BT200 volunteers at 8119 0054.

I hope that the BTCares Residents’ Group Buy exercise will be of service to some of our residents. Please stay safe and well.

Ms. Sim Ann,

Grassroots Adviser to Bukit Timah GROs

How to Order:


Scroll below to "Reusable Masks and Face Shield Sizes" to take note of the specific sizes you wish to purchase.


Please note that each set consists of 2 masks OR face shields.


Click on "Register to Order", fill up the form and indicate the desired number of sets as well as your preferred collection point.

Your order will be collated 

into the group-buy system.


Turn up at your chosen collection point at the indicated schedule to complete your purchase. You may use PayLah!, PayNow or cash

Collection Points:


Tuan Sing Building, Lobby area

896 Dunearn Rd,

Singapore 589472

27 - 28 June (Sat - Sun)

10am - 6pm

Nearest MRT Station:

King Albert Park MRT Station (Exit B)

Trivelis Pavilion.png

Pavilion Area, Trivelis

Blk 311D, Clementi Ave 4

Singapore 121311

27 - 28 June (Sat - Sun)

10am - 6pm

Nearest MRT Station:

Clementi MRT Station

^ This Group Buy is open to residents living in Bukit Timah Division

Reusable Masks & Face Shield Sizes:

All masks are made with spandex cotton (95% cotton, 5% spandex). 

The masks feature a sewn-in filter pocket, into which users can insert their own filter material (not included).

New Set 2.png

Size 1

(suitable for 3 - 5 yo)

Size 2

(suitable for 6 - 10 yo)

New Set 3.png

Size 3

(suitable for 11 yo - smaller adult faces)

Size 4

(suitable for larger adult faces)

Child Face.png

Preschooler size

(suitable for age 6 and below)

Adult FS.png

Regular size

(suitable for primary school-age children to adults) 

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