Estate Upgrading Programme

Refreshing Watten Estate to serve residents' needs



We need your feedback!

We are embarking on an Estate Upgrading Programme (EUP) for your estate and to know your needs, we held several rounds of surveys and focus groups discussion over the past few months with some of you to find out about your lifestyles.

With what you have shared, we shortlisted a few improvement options and we now need your feedback to prioritise which options we should focus on.

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26 April 2021 - Watten Estate Upgrading Programme 2021 Feedback

Dear residents of Watten estate,

We are embarking on an Estate Upgrading Programme (EUP) for your estate, and we are in the initial stages.

To kick start this project, we have been engaging with residents to find out about their lifestyles through surveys and focus group discussions. Some of you have also joined us to generate ideas for the upgrading in March - April 2021. With you, we discussed various issues about the estate, the trade-offs we need to make to implement the ideas, and prioritised some ideas that will add to the quality of life in Watten.

What do we need your help with?
Below are ideas shared by you and other residents. As a community, we will like your help to decide what we should be prioritising and share your views on them. Ideas have been categorised into 3 groups for easy reference.


What is going to happen next?
With what you have shared, we will carry out additional discussions with the various agencies.
We will also do an in-depth cost-benefit study, feasibility study, and implementation planning, to
select what will be done in this estate.

We thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

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A. Improve Walkability within Watten Estate

A1. Pavement Improvements

A2. Covered Drains

A3. Bin Markers

A4. Resting stations / shelters

Improve walkways by making them more uniformed
and levelled; repairing cracked and broken footpaths
so that residents will feel safer walking around the


A1. Pavement improvements


B. Create Hubs for Social Interactions

B1. Hardcourt / Half court

B2. Community gardening

B3. F&B kiosk for Watten estate

Flat and even ground for residents to hold various
activities. This includes community gatherings,
organised groups activities (Taiji, Zumba etc) or for
individuals to use for their own activities.


B1. Hardcourt / Half court


C. Amplify the charm and history of Watten Estate

C1. Floral landscapes

C2. Activities to build estate identity

Flowers and plants around the estate provide a
rehabilitative environment and a calming
experience for residents. Perennial flowers and
plant, in waves of colour and variety, bring
character and life to Watten Estate.


C1. Floral landscapes

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