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TOH YI Home Improvement Programme (HIP)

Upgrading the Toh Yi Estate to better serve residents' needs


Toh Yi HIP Polling Exercise Results

Good news! In the recent Formal polling for the Home Improvement Programme (HIP) for Blks 1-19 Toh Yi Drive concluded on Tuesday, 30 Nov 2021,  more than 75% of the households of all polled blocks voted in favour.

For the Polling Results, please refer to the following link

If you need assistance and would like to select the items in person at the HIP Information Centre, you could call the HIP Information Centre at [HIP Toll Free Line: 1800-206-6642] or scan the QR Code here to make an appointment.

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What Next? E-Opting Phase ( 1 Dec 2021 - 11 Jan 2022) 

You now have a period of 6 weeks from 1 Dec 2021 to 11 Jan 2022 to select the Optional or Ease improvement items. You can view and select the improvement items either via the My HDBPage in HDB InfoWeb or in person at the HIP Information Centre located at Blk 5 Toh Yi Drive. 

If you do not wish to carry out any Optional items, you also need to opt out through one of the ways as mentioned above by 11 Jan 2022. 

Upon closing date of 11 Jan 2022, changes to your decision on the optional / EASE improvement items will not be allowed.

The construction works are expected to start in the 2nd Quarter of 2022 and be completed by the 1st Quarter of 2024.  

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Toh Yi HIP Exhibition 

​An Exhibition showing a mock up of options available for the coming Home Improvement Programme is opened for viewing at the Void Deck of Block 5 Toh Yi Drive.  If you like to view it virtually, our volunteers have put together a video for your convenience. 

If you would like to visit the exhibition to see the options and materials for selection, please make an appointment with the HIP Information Centre at [HIP Toll Free Line: 1800-206-6642] or e-mail Please note that you will have to show your booking confirmation email before entry, and visits will have to adhere to safe management measures prevailing on the day of your visit. 

timeline revised.png

The HIP will only proceed if at least 75% of a block’s eligible Singapore Citizen households have voted in favour of the HIP. Singapore Permanent Resident households are not eligible to poll.

20 October 2021

Viewing Notice - (English, 中文, Bahasa Melayu, தமிழ்

16 July 2021

HIP Circular and Survey Forms - (English, 中文, Bahasa Melayu, தமிழ் ) 

25 March 2021

Letter to Toh Yi Residents on HIP - (English, 中文, Bahasa Melayu, தமிழ்)

7 September 2020

Letter to Toh Yi Residents on Approval of HIP -  (English, 中文, Bahasa Melayu, தமிழ்)


What is Home Improvement Programme (HIP)?  (Videos provided by HDB)


Scope of Work

Essential Improvements

7. spalling old.png
7. spalling.png

Essential improvements are necessary for public health and safety, and will be fully funded by the Government for Singapore Citizens.

They include:

  • Replacement of cast iron waste/ soil pipes

  • Replacement of leaked or cracked uPVC waste/ soil pipes

For flats with uPVC waste/ soil pipes, the condition of the pipes will be inspected and will be replaced only if they are leaking or have cracked.

  • Repair of spalling concrete and structural cracks

The repair involves removal of loose concrete, patching and painting of the affected areas.

Essential Improvements
Optional Improvement

Optional - Toilet Upgrading & Others

3. toilet new.png
Toilet Upgrading

The toilet upgrading package comprises new water proofing membrane, wash basin, floor and wall tiles, window vent, toilet door, grab bar and pedestal pan.

If you decide not to have some items installed, you will still need to make full payment for the package.  The uninstalled items will also not be given to you.

If you choose to use your own materials under a private  arrangement with the HIP contractor, you may need to top up any additional cost and make payment to the contractor directly.

Replace Grille Gate, Entrance Door* & Refuse Chute Hopper

* For non-fire entrance door


Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE)

Why is EASE offered in HIP

The Home Improvement Programme (HIP) helps residents to deal with common maintenance problems within the flat. The Essential Improvements are necessary for public health and safety while residents can choose the Optional Improvements based on their needs.

As an extension of the optional home improvements, EASE provides senior-friendly features to make home safer and more conducive for our seniors. Implementing EASE together with HIP at the same time reduces inconvenience to benefiting households.

EASE is offered to all units in HIP regardless of whether there is an elderly person in the household​

For more information, please click here to go to HDB website
Information Booklet
HIP In Bklet_EN_Cover.png

1. How upgrading moves in a block


2. What does it mean to me? 

I am excited about this and hopes to get all or some of the improvements.

  • Yay! You will be charged based on the optionals and EASE items that you choose. As a Singapore household, the improvements will be highly subsidised based on your flat type. Please refer to the handbook or HDB website for more information

I just renovated not so long ago. I don’t want to upgrade my toilets or put in grab bars

  • Home Improvement Program is important and beneficial to our estate. Essential Improvements of the program are compulsory for public health, safety, and for technical reasons.

  • For Toh Yi Estate, this potentially means only the replacement of pipe sockets for a new and modern clothes drying rack. The contractor team will work with you to check your unit for spalling concrete, condition of UPVC soil pipes and  perform a water test for the toilets.

  • By voting in favour, it would mean an organized effort to check the waterproofing of the entire block's toilets, spalling concrete and soil stacks with replacements made where necessary. This would help in ensuring that all our homes are maintained in excellent conditions.

  • We need your vote in favour – to meet the 75% required for the block to enable all units to enjoy the benefits of this program. Please come to the polling exercise to support us.

I am a PR household

  • You can participate in the improvement works, but would not be able to enjoy the subsidies given to Singaporean households. However, payment can be made via CPF in instalments with HDB.



We would endeavor to continue updating this site with updated information on HIP. However, there may be areas that we may not be included here. 

Have a comment or suggestion? We would very much like to hear from you.


Please click on the button to access our feedback form to input your feedback or suggestions.


Bukit Timah Constituency Office Hotline
(Mon - Sun, 10am - 6pm, except public holidays)

6466 2912


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